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Welcome to the Grand Traverse Hockey Association, home of the Traverse City North Stars. We are a 501c3 designated non-profit, incorporated in December 1970.

The purpose of GTHA is to encourage the playing of ice hockey by youth of the Grand Traverse Area; to foster the teaching of hockey skills; to foster fair play and sportsmanship; and to provide Grand Traverse area youth with the opportunity to play organized, sanctioned competitive ice hockey.

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GTHA End of the Year Award Recipients

Congratulations to the 2021/2022 GTHA Memorial Award Recipients as well as Coach of the Year and Volunteer of the Year!

Chuck Chadwick Memorial Award
This award is presented to a player based upon their demonstrated scholarship, dedication, determination, attitude and attendance.
2022 Recipient - Beau Classens of PeeWee Black

Jeff McCullough Memorial Award
This award goes to a GTHA player that we feel Jeff would have been proud of as demonstrated by their actions and leadership on and off the ice.
2022 Recipient - Sam Schripsema of PeeWee Black

David Luzac Memorial Award
This award goes to a young goalie for hockey school.
2022 Recipient - Sawyer Stone of Bantam Red

David Thompson Memorial Award
This award is given to the most improved travel player for the current season.
2022 Recipient - Lincoln Seyferth of 14U Bantam AA

Robert J. Straw Memorial Award
This award is given to a Squirt House player that has a positive attitude on and off the ice, is a team player, shows up to practice and games with a smile and is a dedicated player with a passion for the sport.
2022 Recipient - Dylan Hosmer of Squirt Gold.

Coach of the Year
Jim Feeley - Girls 10U Head Coach and Girls 14U Assistant Coach

Volunteer of the Year
Rebecca Seyferth - Bantam AA Travel Manager and Mite Communication Team

GTHA Team Award Recipients - Most Improved & Most Sportsmanlike



Most improved - CATE OOSTERHOUSE

Most sportsmanlike – STELLA FRIESS


Most improved – GRACIE MARCH

Most sportsmanlike – KAITLYN POSEY


Most improved – SARAH BUDD

Most sportsmanlike – LIZZIE VOLLBRECHT


Most improved – SARAH EVINA

Most sportsmanlike – KATHRYN WADE




Most improved – NICO ZIVKOVICH

Most sportsmanlike – CHARLIE TUCKER


Most improved – BRADY CAVANAUGH

Most sportsmanlike – KASON STUMM


Most improved – WYMAN COLLINS

Most sportsmanlike – DAVID OPALINSKI


Most improved – MATTHEW BUDD

Most sportsmanlike – ELLIOT MASON


Most improved – BEN BURLEY

Most sportsmanlike – DREW DAVISON


Most improved – GRADY SMITH

Most improved – JACK SCHRIPSEMA


Most improved – RYAN GRUBBS

Most sportsmanlike – SAWYER DEMBICKY




SQ1Lt. Blue

Most improved – TANNER WALTERS

Most sportsmanlike – SOPHIE KNAPP

SQ2 Royal

Most improved – BENTLEY BELANGER

Most sportsmanlike – MAK McDONALD

SQ3 Gold

Most improved – MASON DOWKER

Most sportsmanlike – LUX ZAGUNIS


PW1 Red

Most improved – IVOR STEELE

Most sportsmanlike – KOHEN FORD

PW2 Black

Most improved – ANGUS MCMANUS

Most sportsmanlike – ALEXANDER CRAVEN


BT1 Red

Most improved – BEN WOLFF

Most sportsmanlike – ISLA FALCONER

BT2 Navy

Most improved - EVAN BOSS

Most sportsmanlike – BEN BUCHHOLTZ

BT3 Black

Most improved – BAKER ERICKSON

Most sportsmanlike – JACOB GRAF

USA Hockey ADM Development Model


GTHA is implementing the ADM model for all Mites. To learn more about the ADM, please click on the image above.   It will take you directly to the USA Hockey ADM website.

Click Here to Watch the USA Hockey ADM Video

The is the lastest video produced by USA Hockey describing the Cross-Ice Program.

Mayo Clinic King Devick Concussion Test

No Cell Phone In Locker Rooms

Per USA Hockey and MAHA: Youth hockey player cell phones are not allowed in any locker room. With most kids having cell phones with cameras, there is a risk of inappropriate photos being taken and possibly being posted on the web. Hopefully, by keeping the phones out of the locker rooms, this can be avoided.

GTHA is taking this a step further and added to the policy by specifically saying any device capable of taking pictures or video are prohibited from the locker rooms.


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