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Goalie Development Program

The development of goalies is crucial for every successful program but is often overlooked. Therefore, during the 2022/2023 season GTHA will be launching our Goalie Development Program. This program is aimed at offering additional training for all goalies within our organization free of charge. 

Skill Sessions: 

  • On-ice Skill Sessions: 10 (with the goal to increase to 15 over time)

  • Cost: $2,300 (paid for by GTHA). There will be no cost to the player

  • Age Range: 10U-14U. Any older goalies will be encouraged to assist in coaching on the ice.



  • Begins: The 3rd week of the season

  • Frequency: Every two weeks

  • Specifics: All players (8U/7U) interested in playing goalie will attend the goalie development training during the 7U schedule practice time. The 7U coach will slice out a section of the ice to allow for this training session. 

  • Following the goalie session, participants will then skate out during the 8U practice to ensure they are getting proper development as a player also. 


  • The program will begin the 4th week.

  • Goalie training sessions will happen every three weeks.

  • The focus should be gaining interest. Need to maximize and prioritize everyone’s basic developmental needs regarding edgework and basic skating ability. 

Travel Teams:

Travel teams that do not have a second goalie (typically younger travel teams) are encouraged to allow house goalies to rotate through the travel practices (free of charge). Having a second goalie at every practice is a benefit for our players and it allows for additional development for our house goalies.

GTHA End of the Year Award Recipients

Congratulations to the 2021/2022 GTHA Memorial Award Recipients as well as Coach of the Year and Volunteer of the Year!

Chuck Chadwick Memorial Award
This award is presented to a player based upon their demonstrated scholarship, dedication, determination, attitude and attendance.
2022 Recipient - Beau Classens of PeeWee Black

Jeff McCullough Memorial Award
This award goes to a GTHA player that we feel Jeff would have been proud of as demonstrated by their actions and leadership on and off the ice.
2022 Recipient - Sam Schripsema of PeeWee Black

David Luzac Memorial Award
This award goes to a young goalie for hockey school.
2022 Recipient - Sawyer Stone of Bantam Red

David Thompson Memorial Award
This award is given to the most improved travel player for the current season.
2022 Recipient - Lincoln Seyferth of 14U Bantam AA

Robert J. Straw Memorial Award
This award is given to a Squirt House player that has a positive attitude on and off the ice, is a team player, shows up to practice and games with a smile and is a dedicated player with a passion for the sport.
2022 Recipient - Dylan Hosmer of Squirt Gold.

Coach of the Year
Jim Feeley - Girls 10U Head Coach and Girls 14U Assistant Coach

Volunteer of the Year
Rebecca Seyferth - Bantam AA Travel Manager and Mite Communication Team

GTHA Team Award Recipients - Most Improved & Most Sportsmanlike



Most improved - CATE OOSTERHOUSE

Most sportsmanlike – STELLA FRIESS


Most improved – GRACIE MARCH

Most sportsmanlike – KAITLYN POSEY


Most improved – SARAH BUDD

Most sportsmanlike – LIZZIE VOLLBRECHT


Most improved – SARAH EVINA

Most sportsmanlike – KATHRYN WADE




Most improved – NICO ZIVKOVICH

Most sportsmanlike – CHARLIE TUCKER


Most improved – BRADY CAVANAUGH

Most sportsmanlike – KASON STUMM


Most improved – WYMAN COLLINS

Most sportsmanlike – DAVID OPALINSKI


Most improved – MATTHEW BUDD

Most sportsmanlike – ELLIOT MASON


Most improved – BEN BURLEY

Most sportsmanlike – DREW DAVISON


Most improved – GRADY SMITH

Most improved – JACK SCHRIPSEMA


Most improved – RYAN GRUBBS

Most sportsmanlike – SAWYER DEMBICKY




SQ1Lt. Blue

Most improved – TANNER WALTERS

Most sportsmanlike – SOPHIE KNAPP

SQ2 Royal

Most improved – BENTLEY BELANGER

Most sportsmanlike – MAK McDONALD

SQ3 Gold

Most improved – MASON DOWKER

Most sportsmanlike – LUX ZAGUNIS


PW1 Red

Most improved – IVOR STEELE

Most sportsmanlike – KOHEN FORD

PW2 Black

Most improved – ANGUS MCMANUS

Most sportsmanlike – ALEXANDER CRAVEN


BT1 Red

Most improved – BEN WOLFF

Most sportsmanlike – ISLA FALCONER

BT2 Navy

Most improved - EVAN BOSS

Most sportsmanlike – BEN BUCHHOLTZ

BT3 Black

Most improved – BAKER ERICKSON

Most sportsmanlike – JACOB GRAF


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