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Back Row (from left to right): Coach P, Addie F, Athena R, Katy H, Coach Garry, Ava Y, Bailey R, Maddy W, Carmen M, Coach Gollan.

Front Row (from left to right): Ella P, Angela P, Kaylee K, Adele H, Kiersten O, Audrey G, Kathryn W, Kennedy C, Maddi B.

Missing from photo: Anna V

Garry Mannor

Head Coach

Michael Pascarelli

Assistant Coach

Karen Reister


Clock Instructions for 1:30 Penalty

  1. Penalty button
  2. +1 (2:00) button
  3. Enter the Player #
  4. Enter button
  5. Penalty button (again)
  6. Enter the Player # (again)
  7. Enter button (again)
  8. Use the number keys to enter "0130"
  9. Enter button

Payment Plan

Our estimated cost for the 21-22 season is $2000 $1500 per player.  This could change as the number of games we play changes.  If you plan to make a full payment at the start of season, you may want to pay only $1500 $1200 and wait for a final amount.  If you want to make payments as the season progresses, please follow this payment plan:

  • $250 due before 10/1
  • $500 due before 11/1
  • $500 $250 due before 12/1
  • $500 $250 due before 2/1
  • Final payment due by 3/1

The final amount due will be communicated in February.  You can make a payment at the link provided here or turn in/mail checks to GTHA.  If you do send in checks, please reference our team on each one.