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House Teams

Lisa Carlson

Lisa Carlson

VP House Committee

Phone: 231-392-9107

Coaches & Managers  Registration

Please click on Link below to Register with GTHA

You will need your 2017-2018 USA Hockey #

Sponsored by 10U Squirt House Division

10U Squirt House Division

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2007 - 2008 Birth Years

Sponsored by 12U Pee Wee House Division

12U Pee Wee House Division

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2005 - 2006 Birth Years

Sponsored by 14U Bantam House Division

14U Bantam House Division

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2003 - 2004 Birth Years

Sponsored by 16U/18U Midget Fall League

16U/18U Midget Fall League

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1999, 2000, 2001, 2002  Birth Years

No 2003 Birth Years in Midget Fall


The GTHA House program is our recreational hockey program for the youth in the Grand Traverse region. Our fees include the costs for ice time, referees fees, administrative costs, trophies and awards, team registration fees, coaching(2 per team) and referee expenses, Home tournament fee, district fees for 1 team and equipment costs. The registration fees do not include the lottery fundraiser, or any extra ice time or extra tournaments the team may participate in during the season.

The house season will begin with the draft skates. These skates will start in early September. All house players Squirts thru Bantams must participate in draft skates in September. There will be 2 draft skates for each age division. All skaters are expected to participate in all draft skates.  

We take the player ratings from the coaches’ evaluations and try to form balanced house teams based upon the demonstrated abilities of the players. We will announce the teams at the Parent/Player meetings according to the following schedule:

Tuesday Sept 19th  

Squirts/U10         530pm                          Bantams/U14       7pm

Wednesday  Sept 20th

Pee Wee/U12       6pm

Schedule information will be available at this meeting and online

 A general description of the programs follows:
Mites: Players with birth dates  2009 and earlier (generally 8 & under) are referred to as “Mites.” Please see the Mite page for information regarding the Mite program.

Squirt: Players with 2008 and 2007 birth dates. For more information regarding our squirt house program, Click Here

PeeWee:Players with 2006 and 2005 birth dates.For more information regarding our PeeWee house program,Click Here

Bantam: Players with 2004 and 2003 birth dates.For more information regarding our Bantam house program,Click Here

Girls are eligible to play on either the house teams listed above or on a dedicated girls team. Click Here for more information on the Girls Hockey program.


Sponsored by IP Development Division  Page

IP Development Division Page

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2012 Birth Years or Older

No (2013) Birth Years

Sponsored by Mite 6U (2011) Division Page

Mite 6U (2011) Division Page

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2011 Birth Years

Sponsored by Mite 8U (2010) Division Page

Mite 8U (2010) Division Page

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2010 Birth Years

Sponsored by Mite 8U (2009) Division Page

Mite 8U (2009) Division Page

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2009 Birth Years

GTHA Fundraising Opportunities

There are several was you can earn money towards your players hockey and for GTHA. 

Amazon has a program called Smile that will pay a percent to GTHA for any qualifying purchases throughout the year.  Friends and family can choose GTHA as their organization to donate to.

0.5% of total amounts is sent to GTHA

Click the link below for more info

Scrip is another great way to use your money for your expenses.

Scrip Program-select home tab, scrip program and shop with scrip button.

Scrip involves purchasing gift cards from a list of retailers.  Each retailer gives a percent back to the organization you select.  Every 3 months you will receive a check for the amount you have earned. You can then use that money to pay towards your players hockey or cash the check and spend it as you wish.

For example,

Meijer         3%    GTHA gets 1%  you get 2%  

   if you spend $200/wk  for 52 weeks  = $10,400 -2%= 10,192    $208 back to you

Speedway  4%  GTHA gets 1% 

If you by gas at $40 wk X 52 wks = $2080 -3%=2017    $63 back to you

Starbucks  7%

Morning coffee at $20wk X 52 wks = $1040 -6%= $63 back to you

Amazon   3%

Spend $1000 per year and receive $30 back to you

$208 + 63+ 63+ 30 =$364  towards your players fees.

                             A little planning will add up to free money .






GTHA Warm Ups Orders

Warm ups will be available to order thru Dave Harveys.

GTHA is in the process of converting to one logo for all teams as an association.  We as an association are the Traverse City Northstars.  This includes house, travel and the girls teams.

Any spirit wear, hats, warmups etc can be purchased with the Traverse City Northstars logo.  Embroid Me and Dave Harveys have these logos.  You are not required to have them on your items for spirit wear.  They will add the embroidering to the warmups.  With the change, the warmups for the GTHA will be going to black.


Samples are available at Dave Harvey's to try on for sizing and pricing.

Background check and Safesport Instructions

All volunteers and coaches must have a background and safesport completed.  To do :

go to  

Click the safety tab

Click the background check tab and follow the instructions. Cost is $12

NEXT when finished with the background check

Click the Safety tab-it will ask you to login.

Click the Safesport Training tab 

Add the Safesport training to your basket-its free.


This will walk you thru the steps.  You can save the questions as you go and go back to finish.   Keep the completion form for your team manager.

Coaches/Managers need this done in order for the roster to reflect completed status.

 This must be done by the first practice October 2nd



 GTHA is implementing the ADM model for all Mites.

To learn more about the ADM,

please click on the image to the right.  

It will take you directly to the

USA Hockey ADM website.

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Bayshore Resort

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Great Wolf Lodge

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